Tips on how to maximize your storage space at Highland-area storage facility

There are plenty of ways to maximize time in Highland, CA. From scenic drives in convertibles to biking in one of the city's beautiful parks, residents enjoy various recreational activities. At Vines Storage, we want to you to have the time you need to enjoy the outdoors. Therefore, we provide tips to maximize your time, energy, and space when storing your beloved belongings in a self-storage unit.

Located in Redlands, just a short drive from Highland, we provide a safe and secure storage facility to meet various needs. Whether you are storing office documents and furniture or boats and cars, we will guide you toward the right storage space for you.

How do you maximize your storage space? It starts with understanding the size of the unit you need. We provide units ranging from 5' x 5' to 20' x 20'. To help you visualize the space, our units range from closet-size to two-car garage equivalent.

A 5' x 5' to a 5' x 15' ranges in size from a small closet to a large walk-in closet. You can fit a dresser, small mattress set, and several boxes in the smaller space. The larger space may accommodate a queen-sized bed and bedroom furnishings. This may be the ideal solution if you need a place to store your favorite furniture after moving to a smaller home.

What do you store in your garage? This may include your car, garden tools, sports equipment, and various containers. We provide units as large as 20' x 20' that are equivalent to two-car garages. Our largest units can store the contents of a fully furnished three-bedroom house, which may be ideal if you are in the process of a move or traveling abroad for a specific length of time.

Once you understand which unit size can best meet your needs, it is important to know how to maximize the space. We recommend keeping a fold-up stepladder in the space for accessing boxes out of reach. Place your largest items against the walls of the unit, and ensure there is space to maneuver. Keep frequently used items near the entrance. Break down furniture to maximize the storage space. You can store clothes and other items in dresser drawers. Do not be afraid to be creative and have fun with your space.

Do you want to learn about more ways to maximize your storage space? We would be happy to talk with you. Call 909-389-6209 today.
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