Live in Redlands and want to keep your old books safely tucked away? Climate controlled units at our storage facility have what you need.

Some people love shoes, some vinyl records. There are those who would spend their entire lives reading if they could - and these people have stacks and stacks of books to show for it. Even in this day and age of computer technology, there is something to be said about a book that you can hold in your hands, smell the pages, and let its story come alive in your imagination. If you have a book collection that you cannot bear to part with, but need some breathing room in your house, you want to do more than put these prized possessions in a box in your Redlands home. Books do best in a climate-controlled environment, which can be found at our storage facility.

Even in the home, when on display, books need proper care. They must be dusted and inspected to ensure no moisture is threatening the pages. Books must also be kept away from the sun, even as it streams in through windows. During and after reading, books are best served by flat bookmarks, rather than those that might rumple pages - including the old favorite, the dog-ear. As a book ages, the fibers of the pages will weaken, making them prone to break at folds or indentations.

Because books are important parts of your life, you want to preserve them, and piling them in a box and placing them in the attic just doesn't make sense, when there is no way to regulate humidity, temperature, and pests. This is the reason a small self-storage unit comes in handy for the book-lover. Even within the climate-controlled walls of a storage unit, proper handling and packaging makes a difference in the preservation of books. Small, acid-free boxes with tightly fitting lids are ideal because they are easy to carry and will keep out dust and other unwanted elements.

Books should not be stacked, but packed vertically, just as you would place them on a shelf in your home. This positioning is best for the spine of a book, as well as for individual pieces of paper. Each book should oppose the other, with the spines on opposite ends, and should fit snugly without being cramped. If need be, cushion the ends with fabric, or place a piece of non-printed cardboard between each book, to create a cozy environment for these beloved possessions.

As you are packing your books in preparation for climate-controlled storage, write the inventory on the side of each box so that you can easily find your favorite novel, children's book, or dictionary.

For more information on our climate-controlled, secure storage units, stop by or call today.
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