Redlands families create extra space through self-storage

One of the primary ways to make life simpler is to get rid of clutter throughout the home. Stowing personal belongings in a self-storage unit ensures their ultimate security. In times when de-cluttering is in order, or the home might be otherwise compromised, a storage unit away from home may be the ideal space-saving solution.

Some of the circumstances in which a Redlands extra space storage unit is appropriate include:

When relocating
When a person, or family, is relocating to an new state or country for school, business growth, or a new job, furniture and other belongings may need to stay behind. This is an ideal situation for self-storage, enabling you to ensure the safety of valued belongings so that these things are accessible to you upon your return. If the move becomes permanent, you have the ability to bring stored items to your new home, as room is available. In the instance of relocation, the individual may rent his or her home out, which brings up the question of whether or not furniture should be left for the renter. Even if basic items like sofas or cabinets are left, items like mattresses and other personal items may be best kept in storage.

When remodeling
The remodeling process can create more clutter in a home, with equipment and materials often taking up extra space. During this circumstance, your home space can be maintained in an orderly fashion by taking advantage an appropriately sized self-storage unit. Taking this step can reduce the stress that might come from the remodeling project.

When family or business expands
As children grow from babies to toddlers to young people, their needs change. Rather than disposing of a crib, stroller, walker, or other items, these may be kept for future children by storing them safely, in a secured storage unit. In a similar situation, business items, furniture, and records can be stored off-site for smoother operations.

Seasonal storage
You may want to decorate the home for various holiday events throughout the year. The specialty items that are used only at certain times of year can be kept safely within a storage unit, thus freeing up space in the home or garage. Items like bicycles, which may not be used much in winter, or skis, which are not used in summer, are great, bulky items to keep in a storage unit.

Clutter within the home creates a stressful environment, rather than one that calms the nerves. De-cluttering does not have to be overwhelming. Contact us. We can help you determine the most appropriate unit for your needs.
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