De-cluttering your Redlands home - what to pitch, what to donate, and what to put into indoor storage

Most people have one thing in common: the difficulty of parting with dearly beloved items, even those that no longer have a place in the home or closet. We take time in choosing our clothing and will go to great lengths to hold onto pieces that are seldom worn, if ever. Keeping items that have no purpose in your life creates a cluttered environment. Purging your Redlands home is good for the soul and the home. Determining what you should pitch, what could be donated, and what can be placed into one of our small, affordable, indoor storage units takes just a little time and effort.

The first step in eliminating items of clothing is to objectively look at pieces individually and determine if they can be worn. Look for stains, rips, loose buttons, or other imperfections. Also, consider size. If that old sweater worn in college will no longer fit, it might be time to throw it out. If you have kept that coat with the intention of replacing the lost button, set it aside and make a date to repair the damaged item. If the item is not repaired on the assigned date, throw it out or donate it.

Some pieces of clothing are best kept out of the closet so that more space is made for often-worn pieces. You could call it seasonal packing. Many people practice this as a way to stay organized at home, especially where closet space is limited. When going through the closet and drawers, look at items that are either too warm or too cool for the current season and place them in a pile, if you want to keep them. Special occasion pieces can also be investigated for future wearability. While an item may hold great memories, there may not be any sense in allowing it to take up valuable closet space. Special occasion items can be placed in a garment bag and stored in a climate-controlled storage unit.

Vines Storage has a number of solutions that will help you avoid clutter at home or in the office. Contact us for more information, or for a tour of our secure facility.
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