Keeping items safe is easy in our Redlands monthly storage facility

Whether you need to store family heirlooms like your father's record collection, seasonal items, or important documents, the challenge is not only finding an area in which your items will be safe and out of the way, but in creating the right environment in which your important belongings will not be damaged by the elements. Simply keeping items out of the heat, rain, or cold is not sufficient in every situation. Your movie collection may have needs different from your collection of books or vinyl records. Ensuring that the right storage area is obtained is the best way to keep stored items in their best condition for years.

One of the best natural storage areas, probably used eons ago, is salt mines. Antique collectibles are wonderfully preserved in these belowground pockets, where conditions are cool and dry. Of course, salt mines are few and far between, natural wonders that cannot be easily reproduced beneath your garage. Even if you were lucky enough to find a salt mine in your local area, there would be quite the trek to place items deep in the earth, and quite an expense involved.

Where salt mines are ideal, but out of the question as a viable storage solution, the units in our Redlands monthly storage facility provide a high level of protection against the elements that could damage valuable belongings, making your choice for storage unit far easier. In our security-monitored units, your valuables will be kept within a moderate temperature throughout the year, without the significant rises and falls in both heat and humidity that could lead to damage. Storing your items in one of our secure units means that your valuables are easily accessible to you, and can be maintained affordably.

Our staff is knowledgeable in the specifics that surround the storage of various types of valuables, from important records to antique furniture. If you have questions about the best type of unit for your valuables, contact us directly and we will explain any particulars that will help you preserve your valued belongings.
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