“Stuff” shouldn’t be stressful! Redlands CA facility offers safe and secure self storage

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Safe and Secure Self Storage at Vines Storage in Redlands Area
Researchers have found that a disorganized home is one of the most common sources of stress for Americans. In fact, studies have found the more “stuff” that piles up, the more stress. Clutter is associated with heightened anxiety, helplessness, and a sense that our belongings are overwhelming us – rather than adding to and enriching our lives.

Redlands CA safe and secure self-storage to the rescue!

You don’t have to get rid of your sentimental personal items or the office overflow that you’ve invested in but simply don’t have room for right now. Let Vines Storage be your solution to a messy home and productivity-draining workplace. Even though you may not have the square footage to accommodate all your stuff now, it doesn’t mean you won’t need it (or want it) later.

Of course, there are other storage facilities to choose from in and around the Inland Empire. But it’s important to store your valuables with a professional team that takes the safety and security of your valuables seriously. Our professionals are committed to keeping your workplace furnishings and personal property protected from thieves, and damage caused by pests and vandals. Without adequate protection, even the environment can damage irreplaceable mementoes and costly equipment. At other facilities, fellow leaseholders may pose a threat to your stored items. As the most spacious storage facility in the Redlands CA region, Vines Storage clients never have to worry about vehicles or other clients’ belongings bumping up against their units and damaging their items. We have many different sizes of units to choose from, including a 5-by-5 space (about the size of a walk-in closet) to a 20-by-20 unit (equivalent to a two-car garage).
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We protect your stuff from it all!

Your precious household goods and valued office items are in great hands. Vines Storage offers the ultimate in protection from damaging UV rays, excess heat, critters, and humans. Our facility is outfitted with:
  • An 8-foot wall to deter vandals and thieves
  • A personalized access code to limit entry onto our site
  • Onsite security personnel to oversee traffic into and out of the facility
  • A 56-camera video surveillance system
  • Units on a site that is spacious, which allows for you to easily park and travel throughout the facility
  • Utmost cleanliness
Your “headaches” are our specialty. We’re experts at taking the stress out of your stuff. Call 909-389-6209 to discuss your options for self-storage units. We offer short-term, month-to-month leasing, as well as longer-term arrangements for the best value. So, there is an option to suit your needs.

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