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At Vines Storage, we believe self-storage is about more than four walls and a place for your overflow items. We enjoy partnering with our clients to make their lives easier by doing what we do best: matching each client to a space that is shaped and sized to his or her specific needs. Our Redlands Self-Storage Service options evolve as your life and needs evolve. Designed from an expansive former warehouse, the Vines Storage campus has onsite units that range from cubicle-sized (5 x 5’) to two-car garage-sized (20 x 20’). You never end up with too little or too much space.

As much as your unique needs may evolve over time due to life changes, everyone’s needs can evolve each year as the seasons change, as kids go back to school or as the holidays come and go. Your partners in an organized and clutter-free life provide the below guide to make every season a little more joyous and a little less stressed.
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Boxes with a storage

Southern California may not get “the worst” when it comes to Old Man Winter, especially when compared to our neighbors to the north or east. But that’s not to say our pricey outdoor living equipment and furnishings don’t deserve a little protection to prolong their life.

  • Bring your outdoor furniture, décor, toys, and tools to us before winter officially rears its wet head.
  • Doing so frees up space to clean the landscaping and gutters, avoiding costly issues and the need for repairs and improvements down the road.
  • You’ve also freed up space for outdoor (and indoor) holiday decorations.
  • As Halloween costumes, holiday lights, inflatables, and other festive items leave your storage space, the items that get most used during the spring and summer can make their way in – and it’s easy to access your belongings at Vines Storage, thanks to convenient hours and ground-floor units.
  • Don’t forget to grab your heavier bedding, thicker quilts, rain slickers, and insulated boots.
  • These items take up a lot of space in your unit and will be appreciated when the temps dip or when you need them for that trip to your mother-in-law’s in Maine or that college friend’s New Year’s party in Chicago.
  • It’s good to have emergency supplies on hand, too, so be sure to retrieve any non-perishable or canned goods you may be storing with us.
  • But remember: Foods that don’t fall into these categories can quickly go bad and attract vermin. Your neighboring renters (and damaged garments or other belongings) won’t appreciate that!


Young man holding a box, front a storage

As the days get longer and warmer, we all tend to rejuvenate our homes and businesses. Vines Storage is your ally in spring cleaning.

  • If you want to remodel a room, we’ll take the burden of furniture and knick-knacks off your hands, so you have space to maneuver and do that paint job, put in those built-in shelves, or finally remove that old carpet.
  • We’ll also take all winter recreational, lawn equipment, and heavy garments out of your way.
  • When you return to our facility to retrieve the furniture and décor, save yourself the trip and grab any items you may have stocked away after summer vacation and when the kids returned to school.
  • Some cleaning supplies can be stored in units but take care that they don’t contain hazardous or flammable ingredients.
  • When storing any type of chemical, it’s always best to do your research before bringing them to our facility! When in doubt about an item, just ask us.
  • Appliances like slow cookers can take up space in a cramped kitchen, while you may need to grab the grill if it’s in storage to anticipate the array of graduation parties, neighborhood get-togethers, and July 4 outings for family (and associates) alike.
  • If you haven’t already inventoried the garage for broken flower pots or shovels, now is the time to do so.
  • Planning a summer trip? Bulky luggage, beach towels, and scuba-gear will be waiting for you at Vines Storage.
You can visit our facility on your time with secure access control unique to each client. Our onsite security personnel and 56-camera surveillance system are the eyes watching after your valuables, so you have peace of mind year-round.

Call 909-389-6209 to reserve your space. With month-to-month and longer-term leasing, there is an option sure to fit your budget and belongings.

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