How to Choose the Right Place for Self Storage Services in Redlands

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Self Storage Services at Vines Storage in Redlands Area
Do you have an upcoming move? Perhaps you are trying to de-clutter your home to be more organized. Regardless of your “why,” you may be wondering how you choose a self-storage facility that’s right for you. At Vines Storage in Redlands, CA, we offer a variety of storage services for individuals who are seeking a place for their belongings. Below, we’ll look at some tips for finding the best storage facility for your needs.

Decide What you are Storing

It’s important to know what items you will be placing in storage so you can determine the correct size unit. It also plays a role in determining if you’ll need climate-controlled units. For example, if you are storing a boat or an RV, you may opt for outdoor storage. If you are storing priceless art or other valuables, you’ll want climate controlled.

Determine if the Locations is Convenient

Determine if the Locations is Convenient at Vines Storage in Redlands Area It may be tempting to click on the link for the lowest priced storage facility, but even the best deal will not make up for an inconvenient location. Determine if the drive to the self-storage location is reasonable whenever you need to access your belongings.

Check for Amenities

Is the facility locked and only accessible to leaseholders? Is there surveillance? You will want to ensure that your stored belongings are safe and protected.

Other amenities you may want to look for include water fill-up, garbage disposal, ice machines, and propane fill-up.

Call the Facility and Ask Some Questions

While you won’t need to talk to the manager much once you choose self-storage services, customer service is still important. Make sure the on-site manager answers any questions you have when discussing your options.
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At Vines Storage, we take excellent care of our customers as well as their belongings. With a convenient and secure location, 7 days of the week accessibility and top-notch amenities, you can ensure that we are here to serve you. To learn more about our self-storage units and leasing options, please call us at 909-389-6209.

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