Redlands storage facility helps clients determine the right size for their needs

Individuals in Redlands, CA, have plenty of reasons to search out a storage facility. For some, the extra space is necessary for a short period of time, storing furniture and belongings between college semesters or moves for a family member. For others the storage time is indefinite as it becomes a place for old files, memorabilia that can’t be stored at home, or other belongings. Regardless of the reason, many people who haven’t used a storage facility before are unsure about what size they’ll need.

At Vines Storage, we offer storage units of various sizes to best fit our client’s needs. Individuals who only need a small amount of space will find our 5 x 5 units the perfect size without overpaying for a larger unit, while those who have large items or many thing to store are comforted to learn about our 20 x 20 spaces. That’s nearly the size of a two-car garage!

To determine how much space you need, Vines Storage offers these tips:
  • Make a list. It can be helpful to think through exactly what you plan to store. How much furniture will you be storing? How many boxes of files or memorabilia? Do you have any appliances or other large items?
  • Think about how frequently you will access the unit. Will you place your items and forget them until it’s time to move them again? Or will you need to come sort paperwork or find items?
  • Bring your list to the professionals at Vines Storage. We can show you our locations and together determine which size space is right for you. You may be surprised to learn how tightly the units can be packed.
  • When packing and organizing your storage unit, be sure to put use heavy and sturdy boxes and place the heaviest of boxes on the bottom with lighter boxes on top. Try not to stack boxes more than four high, or you risk items falling and breaking.
Regardless of what size unit you choose, clients are comforted to learn that our facility offers indoor, climate-controlled environments to keep your items protected from environmental elements. Further Vines Storage is secure and alarm protected, with 56 cameras providing video surveillance.

For more information about how Vines Storage can help with your storage needs, call us today.
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