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Secure Self Storage at Vines Storage in Redlands CA Area
Circumstances or personal preferences may have led you to consider transitioning from a “traditional” offsite office environment to a productive home work environment. Vines Storage secure self storage in Redlands CA makes it easy to move furniture and other belongings off site, while you set up your home office. The “secure” part of “secure self storage” is particularly important. Once you see the cinderblock wall that surrounds our facility; the alarm and video surveillance system; and meet our onsite security personnel, we’re confident you’ll have peace of mind that your stuff is safe with us. Beyond that, there are many amenities and features that provide a huge advantage to our clients. We hear time and again how they appreciate:
  • Accessible hours – Our facility can be accessed via a personalized key code, seven days a week.
  • Ground-level units – The design of our facility makes it easy to retrieve items quickly, and without damaging them.
  • Options – Vines Storage used to be the site of a vast warehouse. So, we offer storage options to accommodate all needs, from units that approximate a walk-in closet to spaces that could fit a couple of cars.
  • Taller units – Due to how our facility was designed, we offer more storage per cubic foot than any other facility in the Inland Empire; maximize that ceiling height!
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We’re more than a place to store stuff. Our professionals consult with clients, getting them into a unit and arrangement that works best for their current situation, long-term needs, and budget. We also offer many amenities on site, including moving supplies such as boxes and packing tape. As you look forward to a smooth and happy work-from-home transition, we encourage you to consider sharply delineating the office from the rest of your home. So, you have a dedicated space, which may even present tax benefits (such as the home office deduction). Make the most of what you’ve got. If you have a small space, open it up by bringing the “excess” to us! If binders, files, and other items are sprawled across the space, it adds to claustrophobia and detracts from your ability to concentrate and work efficiently. Harnessing natural daylight and incorporating purple or yellow colors that stimulate energy and creativity can be great motivators, too.

Regardless of your situation and the transition that confronts you, contact Vines Storage for information on self-storage units and amenities. Call 909-389-6209.

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