Considerations when choosing secure self-storage in Redlands

There are plenty of reasons to be researching self-storage locations. You may need to move stuff out of your house in order to give you more room, or to allow you to use the garage to park a car instead of for all the belongings that have been placed there. Alternatively, maybe you're between moves and you need a safe and secure facility where you can trust that your items will remain in good condition. Whatever the reason there are several things to think about when deciding which storage facility is right for you.
  1. Take inventory of your things. Now might be a good time to decide if you really need to keep the trophies from your days of little league or if they can go. You may realize you have business documents from the early days of your company that can be transferred to electronic files or don't need to be saved at all. Once you decide which items you can sell, donate, or throw away, then decide which items you want to keep with you and which items would be better placed in storage.

  2. How much space do you need? Do you need to be able to pull into the storage unit and unload a truck? Will you only be bringing several items? Do you have items that are tall or can be stacked? Do you have items that need to be stored without anything on top of them?

  3. How long do you need the storage? If you're moving things into storage while you take a yearlong vacation, it's likely that your storage rental will have a start and end date. If your dates are less certain, consider facilities that offer a monthly rate or that have a reputation for working with clients.

  4. Is the storage facility convenient? Just like in real estate, location is key. You don't want to have to run across town when you realize an important document is in storage and no longer in your office. Similarly, if you're going to be making several trips, it's important to select a location that's nearby. Finally, can you get into the facility when it is convenient for you?

  5. Will your belongings be safe? You may think that putting a lock on the door means your items will stay safe, but look for storage units that offer a bit more protection in the way of cameras, alarms, and people trained to look out for suspicious behavior.
If you're looking for a self-storage facility in the Redlands area, call Vines Storage to learn more about our safety, convenience, and flexible rental terms.
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