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Self-storage Facility at Vines Storage in Redlands CA Area
The Inland Empire is living up to its name; with a population increase of 100K each year, our region represents the fastest-growing metro area in the U.S. That is an awful lot of people that are discovering the natural beauty, and economic and cultural opportunities that longtime residents have embraced for years. Vines Storage is proud to be an established neighbor and partner to new residents and natives alike and takes great pride in making professional and personal transitions a little easier. As your self-storage facility in Redlands, CA, we thank you for trusting your belongings to us, and we look forward to meeting you in person. For now, let’s take a look at some of the overlooked benefits of self-storage.

Keep your valuables secure

Chances are, if you are in the middle of a home or office renovation or other life change, you have tried to “make do” with the space that you have. That means you have probably moved some valuables, such as equipment or furniture, to a garage or shed. Naturally, these areas are not well-equipped to securely store your items. They are more susceptible to theft or vandalism, especially if these spaces are shared with other tenants. Vines Storage was built with security front and center. We offer sophisticated alarm and video systems, as well as onsite “eyes” (security personnel) and access control.

Extend the life of your property

As you prepare to move, upgrade, or are in the middle of a relocation, your pricey valuables may get in the way. Without an adequate place to safely store your goods, there is a good chance they will be damaged. Vines Storage has made storing your belongings easy. All of our units are on the ground level for easy, unencumbered access. Your items have plenty of space to breathe because our units are taller than those available at other facilities in and around Redlands, CA. Fashioned from a warehouse, Vines Storage has more space per cubic foot for your items than our competitors’ units.
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Outwit Mother Nature

Many transplants seek out Southern California for the weather; however, we all know very well the toll that sunlight, wind, and rain can take on our properties. This aspect of the environment can be problematic, especially if you are undergoing invasive repairs or renovations to your office or home. You put your investments at risk of water damage and other calamities. Vines Storage units are well-maintained and protect your valuables from the elements.

We also offer moving and packing supplies onsite, as well as flexible leasing options. Call, 909-389-6209, to reserve your space.

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