Triple protection with indoor self storage units in Colton

The demand for self storage units continues to rise. Today, one out of every 11 Americans is renting some type of self storage unit for personal belongings that have outgrown available space in their homes or for the proverbial “big boy toys” –boats and RVs that are too large to fit inside residential garages.

According to statistics from the National Association of Home Builders, 50% of what Americans stash in self storage are items that they no longer have room for inside their homes, even when the average home size today has swelled to over 2,300 square feet. Americans have the dual distinction of owning twice the number of consumer goods as residents of any other nation in the world.

Vines Storage indoor self storage facility offers renters multiple layers of security for their valuable belongings. An eight-foot tall solid cinder block wall encircles the building with the added peace of mind of a gated, key-code entry, and 24-hour surveillance by a 56-camera monitoring system. For your convenience, our gates are open between 7 a.m. and 8 p.m.

Vines Storage's Redlands facility is conveniently located along East Colton Boulevard for easy access from the Interstate 10 freeway and just a few minutes' drive from the University of Redlands and downtown Redlands.

The facility is locally owned and operated with trusted storage professionals on site during normal business hours. When you are ready to move your personal items into short or long-term storage, the staff at Vines Storage will be ready to assist you in reserving the correct size of unit and can advise you on how to prepare, transport, and store your items properly so you maximize the usability of your space.

Pricing at Vines Storage is very competitive. Because we offer short and long term leasing for self storage units, there is flexibility in sizes of units and payment plans. Unit sizes range from 5' x 5' up to 20' x 20' to accommodate the personal contents of an entire four bedroom house.

For the optimum in security, pricing, and versatile options for your self storage needs, contact Vines Storage at (909) 389-6209 to reserve your space.
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