Differentiating between various types of storage units in the Redlands area

Finding the right storage solution, whether for your home or business, your personal belongings or a prized vehicle, takes time and effort. Recognizing the various types of storage available today will help you more quickly determine which best suits your overall needs. Whether you are looking for short-term or long-term storage, the type of unit is important.

Drive-up storage

You might consider a drive up storage unit like a second garage. This type of unit is located outside, typically designed in rows of buildings with wide driving aisles between.

Advantages to drive-up units
  1. Easy access, no interior halls or multiple levels to navigate
  2. Convenience due to outdoor location
  3. Time saving, move items quickly from car to unit
  4. Drive in access, many units are sized similarly to a one-car garage
  5. Roll up doors for maximum space usage and easy entry
Outdoor Storage
This type of storage is often considered by those needing a safe location in which to park an extra vehicle. Outdoor storage may be used by private vehicle owners and even by businesses with extra trucks or trailers better kept off-site.

Advantages of outdoor storage
  1. Vines Storage has various types of units in a convenient Redlands location. Your vehicle can be safely stored close to home, where you have convenient access at all times.
  2. Amenities that come with storage packages include ice, filtered and purified water, and a waste dumping station.
  3. Workable business solutions for companies focused on landscaping or short-haul trucking.
  4. Affordable rates and flexible rental packages mean that you find the right type of storage to fit your needs.
Indoor storage

Indoor storage allows you to maximize the spaces in which you live and work. Self storage facilities are ideal for both home and business storage.

Advantages of indoor storage
  • Climate controlled units at Vines Storage lets you feel completely confident that your valuable items will have the highest degree of protection from temperatures and moisture.
  • Protection from indoor units comes from sealing valuables away from dusts, pests, and the elements.
  • Extra space is an added bonus to the units at Vines Storage due to the extended height of our ceilings.
  • Safety is one of the most important advantages of indoor storage. In addition to locked, indoor units, our facility is under 24-hour surveillance and the watchful eye of an on-site manager.
You can feel comfortable creating extra space in your home or business when you know your valuables are protected in a safe, locked storage unit. Contact Vines Storage to learn more about our packages.

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