Storage for your excess furniture at Vines Storage in Redlands may help you sell your home

In recent years, many home sellers hire a home stager to help them make their house more appealing to buyers. You don't necessarily have to go through the expense of paying a professional aside from your real estate agent. One of the goals of selling your home is to keep as much profit in your pocket as you can.

Real estate agents agree that one of the best methods of "sprucing up" is to create an inviting space in which a variety of people could see themselves living. There isn't a particular trick for this other than to pare down. Your ideal step in preparing your home for sale may be to secure a self-storage unit for your excess furniture. Vines Storage in Redlands is known throughout the Inland Empire for its accessibility and optimal security.

When you walk through your home, you may think that it looks acceptable in its current state. The decor, the furniture, the fixtures; they have all been carefully selected throughout the years. Real estate experts encourage sellers to view their home through a different set of eyes. In most cases, half of the contents of a house can be placed into storage for the duration of the listing.

The result of reducing furniture, in particular, is that large pieces in a room make it look smaller. Homebuyers like large rooms and an open feel. If they have to side step around your grandmother's antique rocking chair or armoire, their initial response to the home may not be favorable.

In some instances, taking out large furniture may only be the first step. Sometimes it is necessary to bring in new, smaller pieces that better fit the space. For instance, your family dining room table could likely be replaced with a small cafe table and two chairs. The pieces that you bring in to sell the home could be negotiated in the sale, they could be rented, or you may decide to take them with you to your next home.

Vines Storage offers indoor and outdoor units that are accessible to you when you need stored items. Learn more about our packages when you call (909)389-6209.
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