Four tips for storing your furniture long term in Redlands

Individuals in the Redlands area have plenty of reasons to store their furniture. For some, they need a short-term storage unit while they're between permanent homes. Others may have antique furniture they cannot bear to part with but may not fit in their current home. Still some may be saving furniture for a child who will be off to college or his own place in a few years. Rather than shoving these important pieces of furniture into a corner and covering them with a sheet, individuals should consider finding a safe, climate controlled, and accessible storage unit.

Self-storage units, like Vines Storage, offer clients a great solution in housing belongings hey can't keep at home, but still want to preserve. At Vines Storage the units are climate controlled and safe from environmental elements like weather, debris, and outdoor critters. Whether you need a rental solution for several weeks or several years, a small space for a few belongings, or a larger space for a houseful of gear, the staff at Vines Storage want to help you find the right solution.

Here, we provide tips for how to keep your furniture safe and protected while they're in storage.
  • Store the items clean. If there are spots or stains on your favorite couch, have it professionally cleaned before storing it. Even if there are no visible stains it's a good idea to give it a final wipe down as an added layer of protection. After cleaning, be sure to let the furniture dry completely before storing it so that those areas do not become discolored.
  • Take items apart. Items like tables, dressers, and couches often transport and store better when they are taken apart. Remove the legs, drawers, and cushions from these items, but be sure to keep them placed, or even wrapped, with the larger item to ensure pieces don't get lost.
  • Cover the items. Most people know to use bubble wrap or newspaper on fragile items like dishes and glassware, but mirrors, large pictures, and legs from chairs and tables should also be wrapped with cloths, sheets, or blankets. This protects the furniture from dirt and debris while allowing the air to circulate.
  • Consider layout. When placing items in your storage unit, give some thought to location. As a general rule of thumb, you'll want to keep space between your items so air can flow and items will be protected from damage; however, lightweight items can be placed on top of heavier items.
For more information about storing your furniture, visit Vines Storage today.
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