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Storage Facilities at Vines Storage in Redlands CA Area
The remote workforce has been on the rise for years; Global Workplace Analytics in its “State of Telecommuting” report noted the number of telecommuters who work from home at least 50% of the time has surged by 159% since 2005! Demand for services to facilitate remote work has only been accelerated, due to global events. During this time of transition, Storage Facilities in Redlands CA are there for you. As an employee, you may be looking for a secure place to store valuables. So, you can open up square footage in your home for a dedicated workspace. As an employer, you may be looking for a space to place furnishings while you reconfigure your office, freeing it up for special meetings and training, or as you downsize to a smaller facility.

And, while there are many facilities to “store stuff” in the Inland Empire, Vines Storage appreciates that it’s not merely about having a space where items are out of mind. Your equipment and valuables deserve a place where they are protected from vandals, thieves, and damage from pests and other critters. Your stuff is safe, thanks to:
  • Roomy units, options that range from the size of a walk-in closet to a two-car garage (our site used to be a large warehouse facility)
  • Layers of security, including onsite personnel, a personalized access code, advanced alarm system, 56 cameras for surveillance, and an 8-foot cinder block wall around the property
Vines Storage makes the process of transitioning to a remote or new office easy. We provide a number of onsite amenities, including boxes, tape, and other packing supplies. As partners in your relocation, our professionals work with you to determine the best unit and package for your needs; for instance, you may find value in our month-to-month leasing option, or you may opt in to a long-term arrangement better suited to your goals and situation (and offering the most bang for your buck).
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As consultants, we also urge you to revisit your policies. Do you need to rework procedures to accommodate the remote environment? It’s also important to have either a secure “cloud” platform or Virtual Private Network (VPN) in place to protect your company’s (and clients’) valuable data. And always have a good physical meeting-place in mind, which is particularly important if you are exploring the possibility of eliminating the physical office (and associated rent, utilities) entirely.

Bring your concerns and questions to us. Call 909-389-6209. Vines Storage is here to help!

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