What to look for when picking a storage unit facility in Redlands, CA, for your recreational vehicle

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Types of Storage Units at Vines Storage in Redlands Area
There are several kinds of storage units available to the average American at an affordable cost. Whether it be for your car, boat, recreational vehicle, or just valuable items you want to keep safe, seeking storage should be a simple process. If you are in the Redlands, CA area and looking for a storage facility that provides convenience and the amenities you desire, you can do no better than Vines Storage. At Vines Storage, they offer both inside and outside storage for your various vehicles while also providing ample indoor storage facilities for any items that you may need storing.

Odds are, if you are storing something, it is an item that is valuable to you. Maybe you are storing your boat for the off-season or have an extra vehicle that needs parking away from your home? Perhaps you are in the middle of moving and need a temporary space for some household items? Whatever the case may be, there are specific things you should expect from a quality storage facility:
  • Safety and Security: No matter the item you are storing, you want to know that your items are safe. Many storage facilities have installed cameras so that 24-hour surveillance is possible. At Vines Storage, there are 56 cameras in place, as well as a cutting-edge alarm system.
  • Convenience: Just because you have put your items into storage does not mean you should have to face any inconvenience in accessing them. Make sure that you will have easy access to your items before picking your storage unit facility. At Vines Storage, they offer both a convenient location and are available seven days a week.
  • Amenities: Normally, you access your stuff when needed, and that is it. There are some facilities available, who like to go that extra mile for their customers. At Vines Storage, if you show up and need any support, you can count on the staff to be there for timely assistance.

RV Storage

With Summer rapidly approaching, many families will be pulling their recreational vehicle (RV) out of storage and hitting the road. A large part of keeping your RV in top shape is proper storage. While some people can have a custom garage built at their home to store an RV, many RV owners depend on external storage for their vehicle. Vines Storage offers both indoor and outdoor storage for your recreational vehicle.

The benefits of indoor storage for your RV include protection from the elements. It is important for RV owners who live in areas of the country where storms can become volatile and include hail. Nobody wants to go outside and see hail damage all over their RV. Further, constantly leaving a vehicle out in the sun can result in paint that becomes faded over time from the sun and damaged tires. Indoor storage prevents these types of situations from occurring. At Vines Storage, they offer ample warehouse facility storage meant to house your vehicle safely.
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If leaving your vehicle outdoors is not something that concerns you, outdoor storage is excellent for the added security it brings. At Vines Storage, they offer 24-hour surveillance using over 50 cameras across the facility to make sure your vehicle will remain safe. Outdoor storage is also going to be cheaper than storing inside.

No matter what it may be, there will come a time in your life when you may need some extra storage. You should pick a storage facility that doesn’t leave you worried about your stuff. You want to know that it is safe and secure 24 hours a day while out of your possession. Vines Storage in Redlands, CA, offers just this promise. They want every customer who chooses Vines Storage to know that they go the extra mile in providing a safe, secure, and convenient storage process. For more details on Vines Storage, please call 909-389-6209 or visit 1897 East Colton Avenue, Redlands, CA.

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