Factors that may lead you to store you boat at Vines Storage in Colton

Purchasing a boat is a significant outlay. Understandably, you want to take every measure to protect your investment and keep it in tip-top shape for many years. One part of maintaining your boat is finding the most suitable form of storage during the off-season. Even when not in use, a boat is susceptible to environmental factors. There are several things to consider when considering your storage options at Vines Storage in Colton.


The location in which you store your boat is important for two reasons, the first being the level of protection available. The options for storing a boat include in the water, out of the water, indoors, and outdoors. Storing a boat outside, even if it is under a cover, will expose it to heat, cold, and rain, which can cause cracking, warping, or fading of certain materials over time. At Vines Storage in Colton, you can choose either indoor or outdoor storage. Our facility is a remodeled warehouse, which means there is plenty of room under one large roof to protect your boat from environmental factors.

The second important factor in choosing a location is accessibility. This may not seem of significant importance at first, but there are reasons owners access their boats during times of non-use. When your boat is in storage is the perfect time to have maintenance performed, or to take inventory of the contents before the next boating season starts. Our facility, though closely monitored, offers easy access to those who have a unit with us.


Budgeting is an important skill for the boat owner, and storage is one part of the overall "boat budget.” Having both indoor and outdoor storage areas for boats, Vines Storage has flexible leasing options that most can work into their budget.


Special features in addition to the standard storage unit are unexpected from a storage facility, but we cater to the needs of our clients and offer amenities that will make your life easier. Before you head out to the water, you can fill up with ice or fresh water as needed.

Vines storage offers the options you need to feel fully confident that your boat is well protected. Contact us to learn more about our storage facility.
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