Reasons to work with Vines Storage in Highland

Frequently, storing personal or business items in an off-site storage unit makes sense. Vines Storage in Highland offers our customers the space they need and amenities that provide convenience and peace of mind.

We all like having options, even when it comes to storing personal items, cars, or recreational vehicles. Vines storage features both indoor and outdoor areas for self-storage. This allows you to decide on the most suitable storage unit based on your particular needs, while keeping your budget in mind. All of our units are spacious, with our facility having once been a large warehouse. As such, each room features a higher ceiling than the typical storage unit does. This gives you the option of maximizing space by using height to your advantage.

One of the reasons items are placed into storage is to keep them safe from the elements, as well as from burglars. Our facility is monitored by 56 cameras, 24 hours a day. We employ on-site staff to assist our customers, as well as convenient access for those permitted to enter the property.

Working with a number of RV and boat owners, we understand the importance of certain amenities. In addition to our standard features, we also offer filtered or purified water, compressed air, ice, and a waste dump station, which is included in the standard lease. For an additional fee, RV cleaning services are available.

Our office sells boxes, tape, and other common necessities, and it is staffed with knowledgeable people who are willing to answer any of your storage questions. At Vines Storage, you can store personal or business items, your classic car, boat, RV, or other valuables for as little as a month or for as long as needed. With our flexible leasing options, roomy storage units, and variety of options, your storage needs will be handled with great care.

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