Protecting your classic car with a secure unit at Vines Storage in Redlands

In an ideal world, there would be enough space in the garage to store less-used items as well as your daily and classic vehicles. Alas, this is not a reality for most people, which is why investigating the facilities at Vines Storage in Redlands becomes necessary. You don't have to be an avid car collector to benefit from a storage unit. Even one extra vehicle poses inconvenience at home, as well as potential hazard to the car itself.

Rather than assume that paying for storage is out of the question, it is beneficial to consider the cost of keeping an unused vehicle at home. Keeping your beloved classic at home, outside, leaves it susceptible to the elements. Extreme heat, cold, and moisture can all take a toll on your car, leaving it with chipped or faded paint, or a deteriorating interior. In addition, most local districts do not allow curbside storage, which means a classic car would need to be moved regularly, or kept in the garage. Taking this step solves one issue, but it presents another.

Storing an extra vehicle in the garage takes up space that is needed for your everyday cars, as well as for personal belongings that may be stored there. It then becomes necessary to move your everyday vehicle to the driveway or street, which puts this vehicle at risk for theft, vandalism, or deterioration. Either way, curbside storage of a vehicle is not an ideal situation. At Vines Storage in Redlands, you have the option of storing your vehicle indoors or out, on secure property, which gives you the ability to manage your budget better.

Our facility was once the home of a large warehouse, which has since been remodeled into a unique, comprehensive storage facility. At Vines Storage, your classic car is kept from prying eyes, and can be out of the damaging elements. While our facility is monitored by 56 video surveillance cameras twenty-four hours a day, our customers are granted easy access to their belongings.

Keeping a classic car, muscle car, RV, or boat requires a commitment to ongoing care, which includes the most appropriate storage. Vines Storage gives you the protection and the flexibility you need to free up space at home and maintain your classic car in its best condition.

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